The member of pro-Putin “Night Wolves” detained in Berlin on the “Victory Day”


May 9, the official “Victory Day” in Russia, at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, a group of Ukrainian, Polish and German patriots drew a German society’s attention to the fact that, as opposed to National Socialism in Germany, the legacy of the communist totalitarian regime in Russia is not overcome, Georgia and Ukraine being the latest examples of its aggressive nature.

As always, the fans of the Soviet Union of Russian descent, who for some strange reason chose residing in the “rotten West,” celebrated the “Victory Day” nearby under the notorious slogan “We can repeat!” and, paradoxically, referred to “No to War in Europe!” rally participants as “Nazis.” Moreover, they expected the “parade” of the “Night Wolves,” a Russian bike club known for its scandalous pro-Kremlin actions and a personal affiliation with Vladimir Putin.

Yet, when one of the so-called “wolves” approached the rally, the latter’s participants spotted a knife in his hand and called the police. He was detained, and the police unsurprisingly discovered another knife in his clothes. The rest of the “wolves” immediately disappeared.

As the rally organisers, Demokratischer Morgenstern Berlin, fairly summed up on their Facebook page, one could not have achieved better results of the rally, that is, showing the continuity between the worst traditions of Bolshevism and the modern “Russian world”… They promise to continue their education exchange with the Berliners and the rest of Germany.