The Future of Ukrainian-Polish Relations

Ukrainian and Polish nationalists have had strained relations for more than 100 years. Kremlin keeps fueling our enmity, but the main reason for our misunderstandings still lies in ourselves.

Both sides should understand that the twentieth century drew a bloody border between our nations. This border was drawn really bloodily (Volyn-1943 and Vistula-1947, on both sides, were far from pacifism). But it has already happened. Nowadays, any territorial claims against each other are meaningless. Now there is nothing Ukrainian left in Poland, just as there is nothing Polish left in Ukraine.

Nothing but graves… And this is important. Everyone has the right to honor their heroes and lay flowers on the graves of their ancestors and predecessors. This right is natural and cannot be denied. Having understood all of this, it is worth realizing another important point. The past is already in the past, and the future is ahead of us. Ukrainians and Poles currently face the same threats, and only through joint efforts will we be able to overcome them.

But if we continue looking for reasons for hostility in history, we will remain in this very history. Separated, we will be easily defeated by these threats. Then we will not be able to preserve the very existence of our states and will simply ruin the future of our children.