The Founder of the Belarusian House Found Dead in Kyiv


Today, in one of the capital parks, was found hanging the founder of the Belarusian House in Kyiv Vitaliy Shyshov, political emigre who left Belarus in 2020 as a result of the repression of the anti-governmental protests’ participants. Yesterday, he left his appartments for a morning jogging and did not return. His girlfriend denies the version of suicide: they had plans for the future, and Vitaliy, despite registered cases of spying on him, laughed at the possibility of his liquidation and jokingly welcomed it as the desired disruption of information vacuum. Besides, there are signs of beating on his face.

Sadly, Ukraine is still not a safe place for the Belarusians and the Russians opposing their government’s policies. Ukrainian special services are still either not trustworthy, or unprofessional, or both; Russian FSB servicemen kidnap and kill people as if they were at home.

Like Raman Pratasevich, Vitaliy Shyshov had a direct, and much closer, relation to National Corps which helped him to establish this coordination center of the Belarusian opposition in Kyiv. I have reported above about the joint April rally of the Intermarium Support Group and the Belarusian House at the Polish and Belarusian embassies in Kyiv.

To continue my previous observations, I wonder whether this tragic event will be highlighted on the Belarus blog of the IWM. Of course, they will censor it like they censor those who bear the cross of post-revolutionary transition processes in Ukraine and Eastern Europe while claiming to sympathize with our fight for freedom.

I bet the “luminaries of investigative press” like Colborne, Kuzmenko and Miller, who eagerly report about foreign nationals with far-right tattoos drinking in a bar and talking about “Azov,” will either remain silent or celebrate the untimely death of this “disgusting Azov-affiliated Nazi.”

In the end, the justice will triumph for all. Integration trends in the region, despite these obstacles, are on the rise. Stay tuned.