The Descendants of the Free 2019


Between August 26th and 31st in Urzuf, Donetsk oblast, at the seashore of the Azov Sea, took place the international youth camp “The Descendants of the Free 2019.”

At the camp, the teams from Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland had an opportunity to present their national heroes, to learn the basics of tactics, first aid, cybersecurity and to enjoy their stay at the seashore.

Also, the participants learned how disinformation and propaganda works and how these tools are being used by Russia to drive a wedge between the Central and Eastern European Countries.

After lectures kids took part in a practical game aimed at finding out how through speculations on historical controversies between the countries of the Baltic-Black Sea region, a modern conflict might be provoked and how to resist such attempts.

Lastly, a book by Witold Dobrowolski “Blood and Land: the war in Ukraine through the eyes of a Polish nationalist” has been presented by author himself, as well as translator, representative of the Azov Movement in Poland, Vladyslav Kovalchuk.

During the presentation, the audience found out how the modern Ukrainian-Polish relationship looks like in the context of the war in Eastern Ukraine.

August 31st was the final day of the camp during which the best teams have been announced.

The organizing of the camp has been supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Young Corpus, Ukrainian Legion, and Donetsk Oblast State Administration. Photo by Anna Shpilka