The Azov Movement has no intent to appear in Lisbon on the weekend


According to some dubious sources the quality of which does not allow citing them, the “Azov Battalion” is going to take part in events in Lisbon, Portugal, this weekend. Since, as a political activist (international secretary of National Corps and coordinator of the Intermarium Support Group), I have no relation to the Azov Regiment and do not represent it, I will just remind that we deal with a lasting and frankly very primitive attack of the pro-Kremlin lobbyists on National Corps, which was founded by the veterans of the Azov Regiment and, just like the latter in the East of Ukraine, currently opposes the Kremlin’s “fifth column” in the Ukrainian political field.

A Portuguese audience has recently read the article in one of such mouthpieces of the Kremlin’s propaganda, magazine Publico, the response to which may be found here:

As for the Azov unit, it is not a “paramilitary battalion”: this is the highly respectable and even exemplary regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine (subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior) which, as always, fulfills its duty on the frontline and has neither intent, nor chance to participate in political gatherings both in Ukraine and abroad.

See on the official website of the Azov Regiment a photo report of the celebration of the 6th anniversary of Mariupol’s liberation (the biggest city in the region after occupied Donetsk) by back then the Azov Battalion on June 13, 2014: