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🔶 Upcoming election in the US and intensification of National Corps’ struggle against the Kremlin’s agents (which gave birth to a new wave contra the Azov Movement in big pro-Kremlin media all over the world) expectedly resulted in the suspension of our Patreon. We could rebrand it without apparent references to the Azov Movement (the Azov part is the problem), but since many view sending donations as more convenient, we will simply provide you with the requisites of the Intermarium Support Group at your request.

🔶 Resentment of the Kremlin’s fifth column, outraged by the fact that this time Ukrainian nationalists prevent the very sprouts of “Russian spring” in the streets, was the subject of the latest address by Andriy Biletsky, the Leader of National Corps, at its urban-style meeting.

🔶 I.a., we will transmit frontline updates from the veterans but we underline that, as a geopolitical organization, we do not represent the Azov Regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine and do not hold any mythical “trainings” for the foreigners.

🔶 We paid attention to Patreon as a platform that allows building a community via getting regular and, most importantly, interactive contributions. Let’s try achieving the same by offering the tiers for the Sympathizer, Supporter and Developer of Intermarium. So, the “patrons,” depending on their level of involvement and contribution (from familiarization to becoming a special envoy of the ISG), will get:

📌 programmatic materials and the list of suggested reading
📌 access to the closed base of highlights on the movements’ activities and video materials (to be constructed throughout summer)

🔶 Please send an email to [email protected] to express your priorities and choose the payment option (e.g. “Hi, I would like to learn more about the Intermarium / get involved with the activities of the Intermarium Support Group and send a singular donation / regular donations via […], please provide me with the respective requisites.”)

As the community grows bigger, we will produce a special merch for the supporters.

So far, you could do the following:

  1. Send a donation via Western Union.
  2. Make a SEPA transfer (EU states and four member states of the European Free Trade Association, Transferwise, euro only).
  3. Make a SWIFT transfer (choose in $ or €).
  4. We can discuss other payment options if available (PayPal does not operate well in Ukraine).

Remember, by supporting us, to say the very least, you contribute to the healthier political climate in the world and the freedom of speech!

Video introduction:

Project description:

Welcome to the Heart of Europe!

Although the idea of Intermarium is deeply rooted both in real history and geopolitical reflections of the region’s luminaries (Ukrainian Yuriy Lypa, Latvian Peteris Radzins, Polish Josef Pilsudski, and others), in the 20th century the champions of “Middle Europe” (Mitteleuropa, Zwischen-Europa) were the Germans who possessed the political and military might and traditionally referred to their land as “the heart of Europe.”

Today, in the no less turbulent 20-s of the 21st century, Eastern and Central Europe take over this mission. And, while a technical infrastructure for the regional integration is being constructed within The Three Seas Initiative, the impulse for the rebirth and the redefinition of Europe ignited in Ukraine which forges its potential in the ongoing war unleased by Russia against this vanguard of national revolution in the region and beyond.

The countries of Eastern and Central Europe, which had been separated from globalization by the iron curtain, have remained a relatively monoethnical region with passionary population and nationalism-friendly policies, as opposed to the multiethnic and quasi-Soviet Russian Federation, not mentioning the West. They preserved both natural ethnocultural identities and the very subject capable of defending them.

Resisting both to the Eastern (Kremlin’s) and Western globalist attempts to discredit and marginalize the Ukrainian volunteer movement, we realize that the current historical chance is unique. We welcome those with the strategic vision and efficient public tactics.

The sun of Europe rises in the East!

As the convergence of catastrophes unfolds, the fortress of INTERMARIUM, a shaping alliance of Eastern and Central European countries, stands tall, once again proving to be a bulwark both against Russian aggression feeding off neo-Soviet mythology and the shadow of the civil war brought by reckless humanitarian policies of the West.

Intermarium Support Group, established in 2016 by the Leader of National Corps Andriy Biletsky, has already held three international conferences with the participation of the representatives of diplomatic missions, political parties and official structures from all over the region. As of now, National Corps can firmly rely on several parliamentary parties supporting the geopolitical vector of Intermarium. With the support of the US, the infrastructural projects of the Three Seas Initiative create a necessary framework for the regional integration the end goal of which, though, is a new European sovereignty and, nolens volens, a new world order.

In the course of the last three years, coordinator of the Group’s activities, international secretary of National Corps Olena Semenyaka attended a number of conferences in the region during which many expressed a wish to maintain a regular cooperation in an intellectual and metapolitical field in order to elaborate and promote the prehistory, the idea and the mission of Intermarium today.

Intermarium-2020 is coming. Join us!


Throughout summer, we plan to launch both a closed lab of Intermarium where we could share with our supporters behind-the-conferences activities and routines of the Intermarium Support Group AND upgrade our public channel with new videos covering both geopolitical and metapolitical topics with EN subs or in English.

Highlights and news from Ukraine (National Corps) and our foreign partners and allied projects (The New Prometheism, Kraftquell and others) are also included.

Ongoing international restrictions oblige us to get the most out of the lockdown, and a more intense exchange with our foreign supporters is a long overdue.

Since management of an ever growing network, making subtitles and translations, as well as filming high-quality videos is time-consuming and expensive, we aim to earn up to $300-500 on a monthly basis as our community gets bigger.