Statement of the Intermarium Support Group on plundering a Bulgarian monument in Bolgrad


A few days ago in the city of Bolgrad, Odessa region, unknown persons vandalized a Bulgarian monument, having written on it the slogan “Suitcase-Railway Station-Sofia.” *

We underline that we condemn any manifestations of chauvinism towards the Bulgarian minority, as well as any attempts to provoke a conflict between Ukraine and Bulgaria.

A similar handwriting of provocations could be seen in the village of Huta Penyatska where unknown individuals destroyed a Polish monument, as well as in the Bykivnia Graves park, where victims of the communist repressions are buried.

Last year, there was also an attempt to set fire to the Hungarian Cultural Center in Transcarpathia, Ukraine, in order to sow the seeds of enmity with the Hungarian minority and cause tensions between Ukraine and Hungary.

The perpetuators were detained by the Security Service of Ukraine and the Internal Security Agency of Poland. During the investigation, the vandals, who were members of the Polish pro-Kremlin organization Falanga and Change (Zmiana) party, admitted that the purpose of the arson was to provoke the conflict, and they were instructed by the Russians through German pro-Kremlin journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter (his involvement is still under investigation).

Ukrainian nationalists are absolutely not involved in acts of vandalism, so we urge to assess all chauvinistic provocations as a deliberate incitement to hatred which benefits only the Kremlin.

Intermarium Support Group has always countered the information warfare of the Kremlin aimed against regional integration, and Ukrainian patriots are ready to show solidarity with the Bulgarian people.

Example of counteraction – National Corps calls for the restoration of the monument to the victims of Soviet repressions in Bykivnia:

  • It is typically aimed against (pro-)Russian residents of Ukraine aggressively treating it as a “failed state.” So, originally, there was “Russia” (Rossiya) instead of “Sofia.”