Polish newspaper Kurier Wnet highlighted the Intermarium Support Group’s action


An article about the rallies of the Intermarium Support Group, which were joined by National Corps, was published in the April issue of the Polish newspaper Kurier Wnet. The newspaper has a circulation of 80,000 copies and has an online outreach of 250,000 readers.

It should be recalled that an action in memory of the Katyn massacre took place near the embassies of Poland and Belarus on April 13, as well as an action of solidarity with the Poles and the Belarusians detained during the protests in Belarus.

These events were a response to a picket of solidarity conducted by the Poles near the Russian embassy in Warsaw where they demanded the release of Ukrainian political prisoners in the occupied Crimea.

Solidarity between the countries of the region is extremely important, especially in the context of the withdrawal of the Russian troops from the border of Ukraine.