Join The New Prometheism project!


As far as you know, the idea of Intermarium flourishes not only in Ukraine and was haunting the minds of great statesmen of the region in the former century. Historically, this Latvian-based allied project refers to the idea of Polish Marshal Josef Pilsudski, which was also shared by Yuriy Lypa, the Ukrainian theorist of Intermarium, and presupposed the creation of independent Eastern and Central European nation states.

Also, we mentioned on many occasions the figure of Latvian General Peteris Radzins who was both a Latvian and Ukrainian patriot and served at the HQs of Ukrainian armies during the liberation struggle in the aftermath of the collapse of the Russian Empire and the advent of Bolshevism.

The symbolism of Prometheus’ flame destroying the chains of imperialism was very close to the prophets of Eastern European “Springtime of the Peoples,” too, – a prominent Ukrainian poet, a national icon and an adherent of the Slavonic Federation Taras Shevchenko in particular.

Today, Eastern and Central European states realize a growing urge to unite in order to secure their ethnocultural values and head the reformation of not only the EU but the entire world order. Paneuropean nationalists and identitarians all over the world are welcome to join our common project. Let’s keep this liberating and creative fire burning!

Many thanks to Dmytro Zhuravel for skillfully performed designs!