Intermarium Support Group: changing regimes worldwide since 2014


“FOIA research” seems to be an amateur echo of the “blessed era” of the communist unrest in the third world countries that sees its mission in not so much “combating the Right” as disclosing their ties with special services organizing “color revolutions” worldwide.

So, according to their paranoid convictions (let’s omit typical “neo-Nazi” musings), the Intermarium Support Group, along with the respective foreign partners, comprises “the Ukrainian-Belarusian-Polish regime-change axis” backed by the US, which has already launched a successful “color revolution” in Ukraine and is about to achieve the same in Belarus.

“Despite relying on nasty nationalist and neo-Nazi elements to fire the Belarusian uprisings, known foreign meddlers, such as the Atlantic Council, dubbed the protests as “generally very sweet, polite, and peaceful,” and speculated that the “Belarus revolution may be too velvet to succeed.” These statements are part of a clear disinformation campaign designed to sanitize the protests for a Western audience and obscure the presence of the far-right in them,” insists the anonymous author of the article aka “Internationalist 360°.”

Well, it’s always inspiring to know that we can rely on such powerful backers! Join our axis and make your color revolution, now.

P.S. We should definitely consider renaming the “Intermarium Support Group” to “The Ukrainian-Belarusian-Polish Regime-Change Axis.”