Finland to join the Three Seas Initiative (3SI)


The Finns Party Youth demands the republic of Finland to join the Three Seas Initiative (also 3SI or TSI). The organization is astonished by the fact that despite being well suitable for it in terms of location and interest, Finland is not included in the essential cooperation organization between the EU member countries of the Black Sea, Baltic Sea and Adriatic Sea. The Three Seas Initiative was founded in the summit held in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2016. The purpose of the TSI is to bring its member countries closer together in several areas of politics, i.e. energy, data communications and transport.

At the moment, the Three Seas Initiative includes 12 countries: all Baltic countries and Visegrád countries, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. In 2017, president Donald Trump of the USA visited a TSI summit held in Warsaw, Poland. That is when the setting up of a Three Seas Business Forum was agreed upon. In the 2018 Bucharest summit in Romania, a 3SI network between chambers of commerce was founded and a letter of intent of establishing a Three Seas investment fund was signed. In terms of international and economic relations of our country, The Finns Party Youth deems it crucial that we are included in the operation of the TSI.