Choose: subculture or activism

In case somebody missed it. As the one in charge of National Corps’ international policies, I always have to find a balance between establishing contacts with different groups involved in politics, from parliamentary parties to street movements, and avoiding reputation harm not only to the party but all of Ukraine. In our case, there’s something bigger at stake than free travel.

This year, I had to draw the demarcation line and get our priorities straight by founding a new conference cycle, Homeland, instead of the Pact of Steel due to the need to disassociate our studies from Asgardsrei festival (and the objective evolution of our metapolitical possibilities thanks to Plomin Club). I discussed it with the festival organizers, so there is no surprise.

See the following note:

Originally, we cooperated within the Reconquista project which had the following goals: organizing Paneuropa conferences with our allies beyond the Intermarium region and exchanging ideas about legal ways of coming to power (which Bellingcat and the likes of it strive hard to reduce to mythical “training”). Metapolitical activities (lectures, presentations, editorial work, and a careful policy of historical memory (rejecting both Stalinism and Hitlerism) occupy the main place in this program. So you understand that going back to subculture due to cooperation with certain allies instead of elevating them to our metapolitical vision was the direct opposite of what we wanted to achieve. I mean, at this point, mutual benefit got not so mutual.

I interviewed Marc from the former GUD (which supported Maidan) in order to continue a dialogue of the French and Ukrainian Third Way forces, as well as to dispel the myth of “pro-Russian” yellow vest protesters. Yet his attendance of Asgardsrei festival, as far as you see from Bellingcat’s report, completely overshadowed other activities. I have no illusions about the possibility to make mainstream media more objective; the problem begins when our parliamentary allies face needless attacks and the entire Third Way discourse (Ernst Jünger, Julius Evola, Pierre Drieu la Rochelle, Dominique Venner and many others) starts looking like a cover-up for Hitlerism.

At this point, you have to choose: either you cooperate with us officially, or you chill at the “radical” concerts. I am not the one to underestimate the importance of informal network building and reject censorship of music. Yet I am to remind to the “newcomers” (those following me since 2010-11 do not need this) that the metapolitical framework behind supranational policies of National Corps is the Third Way, and it’s not mere “tactics.” Freedom to piss off ideological opponents or simply oppose censorship is not an end goal of the political movement. So I am not the one to interfere with your leisure and will support radical art in my own way but take care about public representation of your motives if you also have political ambitions.