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The Future of Ukrainian-Polish Relations


Ukrainian and Polish nationalists have had strained relations for more than 100 years. Kremlin keeps fueling our enmity, but the […]

Intermarium Support Group: changing regimes worldwide since 2014


“FOIA research” seems to be an amateur echo of the “blessed era” of the communist unrest in the third world […]

Events in Belarus: the position of the Ukrainian nationalist


The Belarusian revolution. No matter how the events of our neighbors behind Polissya end, their country will no longer be […]

Belarusian Maidan gains momentum


If you missed the developments in Belarus, the Belarusian Maidan is unfolding there right now after the yet-another-one reelection of […]

Balkans Crisis in the 1990s-early 2000s: Ecological and Technogenic Dimensions


The Balkan crisis of the 1990s and early 2000s was accompanied by the collapse of the Yugoslav Federation, interethnic conflicts, […]

The Azov Movement has no intent to appear in Lisbon on the weekend


According to some dubious sources the quality of which does not allow citing them, the “Azov Battalion” is going to […]

Arthur Moeller van den Bruck on the “young” Ukrainian nation


Arthur Moeller van den Bruck on the “young” Ukrainian nation, or why the current of “Conservative Revolution” is not about […]

Choose: subculture or activism


In case somebody missed it. As the one in charge of National Corps’ international policies, I always have to find […]

Land reform in times of corruption and war: why National Corps protests against lifting up the moratorium on agricultural land’s sale by Zelensky’s government


A note of elucidation for my foreign friends. While on the quarantine, on behalf of the Intermarium Support Group, I […]

On my connection to Alexei Levkin


No need to comment on such a low-quality article*. In the course of last several months and especially on the […]