Author: Олена Семеняка

Victory Day’22: Azov Heroes in Mariupol vs. Real Russian Terrorists on the Red Square


Ernst Jünger’s Politics of Memory and Ukraine: from the Second World War to IntermariumOn May 9, it’s my turn to […]

The Founder of the Belarusian House Found Dead in Kyiv


Today, in one of the capital parks, was found hanging the founder of the Belarusian House in Kyiv Vitaliy Shyshov, […]

The very same “journalists” hunting me and Pratasevich as far-right sympathizers: another coincidence? Update on Belarus


Unbelievable. The same “journalists” who got me cancelled at the IWM and constantly target National Corps (Michael Colborne, Christopher Miller, […]

Ignoramus et ignorabimus: німецькі ліві «не дозволяють» вивчати власних попередників


Стаття Пауля Сімона для німецької лівої газети Junge World не варта детального розгляду, і її аудиторія, вочевидь, досить специфічна. Але […]

National Corps at the IWM: Cicero vs. Die Zeit


Two expected journalist investigations of my IWM case have been published, both of them in the German editions: Die Zeit […]

Intermarium Support Group: changing regimes worldwide since 2014


“FOIA research” seems to be an amateur echo of the “blessed era” of the communist unrest in the third world […]

Belarusian Maidan gains momentum


If you missed the developments in Belarus, the Belarusian Maidan is unfolding there right now after the yet-another-one reelection of […]

The Azov Movement has no intent to appear in Lisbon on the weekend


According to some dubious sources the quality of which does not allow citing them, the “Azov Battalion” is going to […]

Arthur Moeller van den Bruck on the “young” Ukrainian nation


Arthur Moeller van den Bruck on the “young” Ukrainian nation, or why the current of “Conservative Revolution” is not about […]

Choose: subculture or activism


In case somebody missed it. As the one in charge of National Corps’ international policies, I always have to find […]