Andriy Biletsky on the IFA “Intermarium”


Today, the inter-factional association “Intermarium” was created in Verkhovna Rada.

This idea has been actively promoted by the nationalists back in 2016. At my initiative, the Intermarium Support Group was established.

Intermarium is an opportunity for Ukraine to strengthen its position in the international arena and gain real allies in Poland, the Baltic States and, hopefully, soon also in Belarus.

While our current “allies” in Germany are lobbying for Nord Stream 2, and in France Macron is calling for cooperation with Russia, we must choose our own geopolitical path.

We will see how this initiative will be implemented by enthusiasts in the context of Zelensky’s “peace plans.”

In 2014-18, every”expert” told us that Intermarium was a nationalist delusion. And today in Verkhovna Rada this association was supported by 230 deputies. Do not trust the experts – trust the nationalists!